As opposed to every other ad asking for a motivated, enthusiastic, hard work ethic blah, blah, let me ask you?

What is the most important aspect of your future career (being the next 5 years)?

If it’s training and development of skills - we have weekly in-service/in-house meetings discussing treatment plans, techniques used, rehabilitation opportunities and treatment options. You have access to our internal database covering courses including SOT blocking, paediatric and baby assessment and adjustment, cranial adjusting, organ work, advanced adjusting, multi-table adjusting and more.

If it’s money - we have a full-time position available that pays above award and has bonuses allowing you to earn over $100k/year that is open to new grads.

If it’s lifestyle - we can set up some KPIs that will allow you with your client database to work only 3 days per week and have 4 days off per week.

If it’s an opportunity for growth - you’ll get to learn under James Neilson-Watt who has helped over 10,000 health professionals in 14 countries and over 25 industries with his Healthcare Business Accelerator program & associated trainings.

I could waste your time describing how amazing our clinic is or what we hope to achieve etc. but you can read/watch that online.

What we will offer you is this;

Be part of a team that prioritises culture and fun over systems.

Be part of a team that for our Christmas party starts with paintball, moves into escape rooms and ends in dinner and cocktails…

Be part of a company that hopes to reverse trends of chronic disease and illness amongst our community.

Be part of a team that values honesty, integrity, positivity, world class standards, and aims to lead the health industry in healthcare standards.

Teach you how to attract, convert and retain clients at greater levels and have those clients refer others to you.

If this interests you or you would like to know more, feel free to flick us an email -, Facebook message or via mobile on 0211485199.


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