I am very excited to be looking for someone to join our fantastic Allied Health team.

Longhurst Chiropractic is a very family-based practice with babies to the elderly presenting for a wide array of reasons and a balance between acute injury and those wanting chiropractic to help them feel good and lead an active lifestyle. Longhurst Chiropractic is situated within the Allied Health Suite and an integrated part of Longhurst Health; a two storey, purpose-built health hub. We consist of a large number of GPs, a dental and orthodontic practice, a pharmacy, a hearing clinic, midwives, ultrasound facilities and importantly a tasty, welcoming café which is great for meetings and catch-ups. Our closeknit Allied Health team consists of Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Hand Therapy, Podiatry, Counselling, Clinical Psychology, a Dietician and a Massage Therapist. It is a hive of activity, friendship and hard work, with a team that love what they do.

I am the principal chiropractor, and I am looking for a passionate, dedicated, enthusiastic person with a positive zest for life, who is wanting to work together, to care for and help serve this wonderful, fast-growing community. A waiting list of new patients already awaits you as I am maxed out and am happy to step back and help you to grow your part of the practice. I use a combination of diversified technique, SOT, drop technique, activator, arthrostim, muscle testing and various muscle release techniques to create change. You are welcome to use other compatible techniques as diversity certainly has a strength. A significant proportion of my practice is caring for babies, children and pregnant women.

If you are wanting to pursue this avenue I can help guide and support you with my 20years of clinical experience, but you may also want to pursue you own niche and area of passion. Regular meetings and mentorship will be provided on the scale that helps you be your best and supports you to enjoy what you do.


Whether you are new to our profession, or have enjoyed some years in practice, you are welcome to apply. I am looking for the right person rather than the right credentials. This position has the option of being a part time position or a full-time position and the start date is negotiable. Clinic days and times are also negotiable to help you create the work-life balance which is right for you and your lifestyle.

Our website is being updated but once it is live it can be viewed at I really look forward to hearing from you.

Longhurst Chiropractic

Longhurst Chiropractic

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or if you prefer, call me on 0212233944 to arrange a time to speak further.