Join us in the Isle of Man and the UK, free of Covid restrictions and vaccine mandates and enjoy huge success – it’s easier than you think.

At Align 4 Life we will take care of everything, so you can practice in the UK, become a very successful Chiropractor and explore Europe.

We have a fantastic opportunity for Chiropractors of all levels to join our team in the Isle of Man and then the chance to work in, and co-own a state-of-the art corrective chiropractic clinic in the South East of England. We love our patients and we work hard to deliver the best corrective, vitalistic care possible. We are a high-performing team, have great fun in practice, benefit from seeing superb clinical results, high earnings and have an excellent quality of life. The Isle of Man is a beautiful island with a max 20% tax rate!

Email us on to find out more or check out our website:

It can be daunting to consider a career in a foreign land, but don’t worry we can take care of most of it for you. We have created a package which makes it financially viable for you and we will support you through the whole process to make it as easy as possible:

·        UK Visa – we can easily arrange for your visa (including immediate family).

·        Licence to practice – a coach to guide you through the GCC exam process to secure your UK chiropractic licence.

·        We will pay £1000 of the exam fee and your first years GCC registration fee (£800).

·        Relocation planning – We offer your first month’s rent covered. Our team is ready to provide all the support you need for a stress-free relocation for you (and your family).

·        Align 4 Life DCs earn more than £90,000 per year on average – including a basic salary of £26,000 to give you financial security from day one.

·        World class coaching – we have professional in-house chiropractic coaches who will give you everything you need to be hugely successful.

·        An abundance of new patients – our marketing team will make sure you have plenty of new patients to make sure you grow quickly.

·        In -house access to one of only 2 advanced certified Chiropractic Biophysics (CBP) practitioners in Europe. We have a beautiful open plan CBP clinic with 2 chiropractors and we desperately need a third.

·        First class support structure – our support team takes care of all the headaches involved in running a business, leaving you free to enjoy practice with less stress and more success.

·        Great location & local airport – long weekend in London, Dublin, or Europe. Cities less than 2 hours away! You will get at least 30 days annual leave including Bank holidays.

·        It’s time to become the great Chiropractor you want to be – and we offer everything required to make that happen! Get in touch with us today at to find out more.

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